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The OPC-PRT multiprotocol communication interface provides Ethernet-based network connectivity to Fuji FRENIC-Ace adjustable speed drives.

The OPC-PRT currently provides support for the following Ethernet networks:
EtherNet/IP (DLR)
Allen Bradley CSP (also known as "PCCC" and "AB Ethernet")
PROFINET certification EtherNet/IP ODVA conformant
User's Manual (September 3, 2021)
Function Code Register List - Available in the Fuji Configuration Studio
RS-485 User's Manual 24A7-E-0082 - Applicable for the OPC-PRT
Version Information
Version Info (May 10, 2022)
Network Documents
EtherNet/IP EDS (V1.1)
PROFINET GSDML (August 9, 2016)
XTPro Specification
EtherNet/IP Declaration of Conformance
PROFINET Certificate
Web Server
XTPro example
Sample Application Programs
RSLogix 5000 Examples
RSLogix 5000 Add-On Instructions
RSLogix 500 Examples
Fuji Configuration Studio
The latest firmware is included in the latest Fuji Configuration Studio
Related Products
OPC-PRT2 - FRENIC-MEGA and FRENIC-HVAC Multiprotocol Ethernet Interface
MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol) and DLR (Device Level Ring) allows for fast recovery and high availability.
Dual RJ-45 ports with embedded IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet switch supports star, daisy-chain, and redundant ring topologies. Shielded RJ-45 connectors accept standard CAT5-type 8-conductor unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) patch cables.
MDI/MDI-X auto-crossover allows the use of any combination of straight-through and cross-over Ethernet cables.
Supports multiple protocols simultaneously.

Graphical User Interface
The Configuration Studio software reduces the user's learning curve.
Easily discover, configure, and update units via USB and Ethernet.
Provides real-time inverter function code monitoring and control.

USB 2.0 port with mini-B connector provides composite USB device functionality. USB connection allows for product identification, configuration, and firmware updating.
Enumerates as a standard USB mass storage device ("flash drive") for configuration and web page customization.
Remote configuration, web server content, and firmware updating.
Remote access to the unit's file system.
As new firmware becomes available, the unit can be upgraded in the field by the end-user.
Custom Embedded Web Server
Open XML-based socket data transfer allows end users to create their own custom web server content and load it onto the unit's internal file system.
Network Timeout Action
A configurable network timeout action can be programmed that allows function codes to have their own unique "fail-safe" conditions in the event of a network interruption.
1 bicolor red/green module status LED.
1 bicolor red/green network status LED.
2 bicolor red/green Ethernet LEDs.
ROHS Compliant
The OPC-PRT is lead-free.